The 90's Carnival

A Nostalgic Ride

About Us

Alma Fiesta is the annual Socio-Cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, heralded as the 'Biggest Debutant Fest of India' by The Telegraph in its maiden year 2010. Alma Fiesta has grown to become a beacon of culture and social change. With 150+ colleges, 20k+ footfall, shimmering stars of ARON CHUPA, THE LOCAL TRAIN, INDIAN OCEAN, AGNEE, GAJENDRA VERMA and NIKHIL D'SOUZA, Alma Fiesta has made a mark unprecedented and unachievable by its contemporaries. An epitome of celebration, Alma Fiesta organises events of dance, music, dramatics and fine arts, workshops like Salsa, Self-defence, Paper quilling, Clay modelling. Star Nite and Lamhe are the two most important DJ Night of the fest...


The 90's, a special time with a special place in everyone's hearts. An age that laid the foundations that today's world stands upon. The time which witnessed the beginning of everything. A time when we had nothing and yet everything. Alma Fiesta celebrates those times with you with this edition's theme

The 90's Carnival - A Nostalgic Ride.



Whether you are a dazzling dancer or a melodious musician or an articulate debater, we've got you covered on all three days of the fest! List of competitions here. Explore all


With a wide array of workshops, Alma Fiesta has something for all. You could learn to make an app or do Salsa.Explore all


Are you a gamer? Or can you run long distances? Would you like to try Xorbing? If the answer to any of that is a resounding yes, Alma Fiesta is the place to be at.Explore all


Our commitment to give back to the society is unwavering. With events like Prayatna, Spardha and Children Fest, we try to make a difference in our own little way.. Explore all

Star Nites

3 Nights, 3 Beats, 1 Stage.

An epitome of culture, the star-nites descended the stars of music and dance to the stage called Alma Fiesta. Alma Fiesta welcomes you all to sing along the tune, to elope from the world and to cast a spell during the 3-nights of Alma Fiesta.


With some very talented and young musicians, Alma Fiesta presents to you Headbang - a musical and dancing night to remember by. The main attraction of the event will be announced soon. Stay tuned


Hold your breaths for Alma Fiesta is back with a bang. In this edition, we promise you excitement gallore. Come witness the grandeur that is Lamhe as we take you through a journey you will never forget. Stay tuned for further announcements.