- Solo Pencil Sketching Competition

Nothing portrays feelings better than your own creation. Add life to your pencil strokes, frame your artwork and enjoy the day with ALMA FIESTA. Fill the sheet with the best shades of pencil you can and feel the festivity of Alma Fiesta.

Event Coordinators :
Binod : +91-8249933707
Soumyajit Ghosh : +91-8584927909


• Each participant will be given maximum of 4 hours to complete their sketch.
• All participants must bring their college identity cards.
• Participants without identity cards will not be allowed to participate.
• Any pencil sketch is allowed in the event.
• Materials provided: A2 Drawing sheets, Pencils, Erasers and Sharpeners.
• The decision of the judge shall be FINAL & BINDING.



- Rangoli Making Competition -

Use geometric and curvilinear design in this ancient ephemeral artform to express your creative self. Paint the earth with colors of your imagination and do wonders.

Event Coordinators :
Binod : +91-8249933707
Avani Patidar : +91-9039407035


• This is a Group rangoli making event.
• Team Size: 1 – 4 members.
• All participants must carry the identity card of their respective colleges.
• Participants without identity cards will not be allowed to participate.
• Winners in Fine arts genre will receive cash prize of 5k and goodies worth 30k.
• Each team will be given maximum 3 hours to complete their rangoli.
• Use of any outside acts and internet is strictly prohibited.
• Materials provided: Colours, pencils, chalk, thread, paper, perforated bottle.
• Participants can use any special trick or technique if permitted by the judges.
• Judges decision will be FINAL & BINDING on all participants.
• Inclusion of painting and face painting need to be discussed.